Ullaakuut (Good morning) from Iqaluit!

HS students and staff on Team Iqaluit have landed safely in Nunavut! They wrote to update us on how it is going:

Things here in the North have been moving quickly. Since touching down in Iqaluit Sunday afternoon, our students have been focused on nothing but the build. After meeting Joanna on Monday and learning more about the impact that this home will have on her and her daughter, the students have really taken to the task at hand.

Today the ‘outside crew’ (Brooklyn, Jill, Lauren, and Chris) focused on building the railing for the wheelchair accessible ramp. The ‘insiders’ (Julia, Mike, Asia, Aly, Heather, and Rachel) devoted their energy to laying the floor…and did they ever nail it! We have enjoyed taking leadership from our site supervisor and are learning many valuable skills. Expect to have your children renovating your basements in no time!

In the next few days, we look forward to gaining a greater appreciation of Iqaluit’s culture.