Unforgettable Experience In India For HS Students

cbda4645-7e0a-47a0-b656-46b7cba1da30After living an amazing adventure, the students who travelled to India in support of Free the Children have returned changed people. Everybody was touched by the hardships other human beings face daily in the struggle of survival, but the sadness felt at seeing these challenges was accompanied by a great feeling of satisfaction knowing that they were putting smiles on the faces of the children in a school in Bagad, Rajasthan. Everybody learned so much about the area, the lives and the culture of the people living there, as well as about themselves. Students have returned with valuable new leadership skills and with a better appreciation and gratitude for their ways of life here.

One of the trip’s facilitators reported that this was the most inquisitive group of students she had ever led in her years of work at Me to We. All of the staff working there was impressed with the extraordinary willingness of Mentor College’s students to create as many bricks as possible and to dig up as much dirt as time would allow in order to fill the foundations for two new classrooms of the school being built. Their work ethic and perseverance astounded the staff working in India.

All the teachers feel very proud of the efforts, the dedication, the co-operation and the commitment demonstrated by all of the students who travelled. We thank them for their help in making this trip an unforgettable experience.

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