United In Pink

mar2013pinkAs a celebration of the differences in each other, Mentor and TEAM students celebrated their second annual Pink Day on February 27! Pink Day was originally established as a way to stand up against bullying, but Mentor’s Intermediate Division has decided that the day should be more – it has become a way for students to demonstrate the importance of kindness towards one another.

This year, the kindness ambassadors in Grade 8 had the opportunity to demonstrate their pink-ness through a Harlem Shake! This dance craze, although seemingly absurd, perfectly reflects the notion of Pink Day. Even though it may seem to single out one individual, it is actually showing solidarity. Stephen’s lonely dance is later reflected through the remainder of the group, demonstrating that we will all stand together, no matter how silly we may look! Thank you all for a successful Grade 8 pink shake! And thank you to all of the students that stood together, dessed in pink, in support of one another!