Up, Up, & Away: Grade 3s @ CN Tower!

cntowerMentor Grade 3 students have had so much fun learning about famous structures around the world. The students have had the opportunity to learn about different cultures…studying modern buildings and buildings that are thousands of years old.

Not only have the students researched and written about special ancient and modern structures, they have created their structures with clay. In science class the children have completed many experiments to help them understand the many forms and functions of different structures.

As an end to the unit on famous structures around the world, yesterday the students visited a famous structure that is just a short bus ride away. The Grade 3 students visited the CN Tower – some even walked across the glass floor that is 113 stories above the ground! Along with learning some interesting facts about the construction of the CN Tower, one of the highlights was taking the elevator to the observation deck in just a few seconds and enjoying the gorgeous views!