WE Day 2016: An Energetic & Inspirational Day At The ACC

2016-10-19_16-49-5212 Intermediate students from LFC and Student Council along with 2 teachers trekked to the ACC this morning to spend the day at WE Day at the ACC! The Mentor contingent was there to celebrate and inspire our school to join together to make the world a better place. The students brought back with them the energy and inspiration needed to make our school a leader in the WE Movement.

Evelyn: I love how so many people came together to create one big change.
Suchi and Natalia: We learned that whether you are an ordinary person. or a real superstar, you can still make a difference. As part of a team, we can move mountains!
Holly: One child, one teacher, one book, One pen can change the world – Malala Yousefzai