We Love Ms. Whistance-Smith!

Children in the Primary Division have been fortunate to learn from a very special teacher for the past month. Leanne Whistance-Smith (Mentor Class of 2016) has been volunteering her time to teach alongside our JK, SK, and Grade 1 teachers.

While Leanne completed her first year of commerce (major in marketing) at University of Guelph, she admits that her other passion has always been working with children: “Being here this last month has really solidified my desire to work with kids…whether it is reading with them or working 1-on-1, I just really love it.”

The children have also loved their time with Ms. Whistance-Smith. As Grade 2 teacher Ms. Rakhraj said as children gathered for a photo, “she is loved.”

We wish Leanne continued success as she prepares to get ahead on her second year with two online courses this summer!