What Does Home Mean To Me?

2016-12-08_10-55-33Last month, more than 175 primary and TEAM students participated in a card-making contest. During this time, students reflected on: the importance of having a home, how homes differ between regions and countries, how having a home affects other parts of their lives, and so forth. Many thoughtful and heart – warming ideas were shared.

Each child’s drawing was then reviewed by our High School’s Habitat for Humanity Council. These teenagers took great delight in examining the illustrations created by children from grades 1 to 4. Together they selected the 5 drawings that they believed captured the essence of home.

Congratulations go to Leah Butcher, Fionn Stasiulis, Benjamin Lapos, Rian Pullen, and Scarlett Somfalvi, whose drawings were selected for the note cards. Pictured behind them are Habitat Council members: Armin Buijs, Ben Nune, Janvi Puri, Alena Rasul, and Sophie Treptau.

These blank note cards will be made available for purchase in 3 different ways: at this year’s Gingerbread Build (in the East Gym of Main Campus on Sat. Nov. 26th), in the entrances of Primary and TEAM between 8:15am and 8:30am from November 28th to Dec. 9th, or by order form (see below). The cost for the cards is $10 for a set of 5, or $25 for 3 sets of 5. Each set is comprised of one note card from each of the 5 winners above.

Order your cards!