What Takes 300 Years to Decompose and Costs 1$

IMG_5556Ms. Meyer and Mrs. Naqvi accompanied the Grade 4 environment club to the Peel Waste/Recycling facility. The students were taught valuable information about recycling, trash, and compost material. The Grade 4s do daily checks of classroom recycling and trash bins to ensure that Primary students are sorting properly. The students were able to play a hands-on education games as well as take a tour of the recycling and compost areas.

Interesting facts learned on the trip:

– Water bottle lids are trash, but bottles can be recycled
– Batteries cannot be thrown in the trash as they leak chemicals
– It is important to rinse your recyclables before throwing them in blue bin or it makes for a stinky facility
– Pop cans can take over 300 years to decompose in a dump so recycle them

You can visit to find out how to sort our trash properly!