Yes, We Love Improv, And…

455881b9-7eb2-4d54-991b-7df224cbaa9bThe Intermediate Improv Club had its final meeting of the year this past Friday. We celebrated with our first annual awards ceremony, complete with feather boas and other wacky prizes for our energetic, dramatic, and eclectic crew.

This has been a special year for Improv, with the energy of new recruits and the leadership of our experienced members coming together to create hilarious and thoughtful scenes. It has been incredible to see students open up and discover their inner talent, and to see their creativity and confidence grow with every meeting. We are sad to see our grade eights move on this year, but they leave a legacy of creativity, teamwork and fun for their younger peers. Directors Mlle Martin and Mlle Smith look forward to many more yes, and’s for years to come.

Special thanks to alumnus Eric Meandro for being an amazing mentor throughout the year!