Young And Old Make New Memories

IMG_7140Last Tuesday evening, senior HS music students took part in the Memories To Music Concert – in partnership with the Alzheimer Society Of Peel. Julia Cappellacci, Mia Chan, and Vanessa Kabu-Asante submitted the following report:

Participating in Memories To Music this year was such an honour for all students involved! This program provides musical students with the opportunity to create a song depicting the life of an Alzheimer’s patient in order to help him/her savour their memories as their disease progresses.

Each student is paired with a senior partner whom they meet with several times to learn their life story. Using this information, the students compose a song that is performed for them and their family at a concert.

The experience itself was beneficial to the students. Through the hard work, they felt they had gained confidence and knowledge from the program. It was sad to say goodbye to the senior partners as many friendships were formed!