Mentor College boasts excellent facilities for academics, sports, the arts, and outdoor education. Since its inception in 1981, Mentor College/TEAM School has continued to upgrade its facilities to adapt to the needs of its students. In the “bricks and mortar” category, this has included purchasing parcels of land, putting up buildings, and constructing additions. On the inside of the buildings, the school annually renovates rooms, re-outfits computer and science labs, and purchases classroom materials and equipment to accommodate changes that our faculty and student body require.

Main Campus (Grades 5-12)

The Main Campus is home to our students from Grades 5-12. Students in the Intermediate and High School Divisions have access to: science labs for all grade levels, O'Brien Hall (theatre/auditorium), three music rooms, a double gymnasium, weight room (HS), an artificial turf field, and a seasonal dome. The Main Campus is also home to the Technology Resource Centre – which facilitates the classroom use of iPads and laptops to enhance learning where necessary. The Main Campus is also home to our school-wide events such as our Culture Show and our charity Fashion Show. 

Primary Campus (JK-Grade 4)

Children from JK-Grade 4 enjoy the comfort of learning in a separate building. Situated across the field from our Main Campus, the Primary Campus houses its own gymnasium, computer room, music room, science lab, and two playgrounds. It is also the location of our indoor swimming pool - a facility which students of all ages use.

Outdoor Education Centre (Muskoka)

Located on 135 acres of land near Gravenhurst in the heart of Muskoka, the OEC (Outdoor Education Centre) is a fully-equipped outdoor education facility. Grades 5-8 students enjoy a week-long visit to the OEC with their homeroom classes and High School leadership students put their skills into practice here, as well.

Accessibility Ontario’s “Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR)”

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