The curriculum in the Primary Division (JK-Grade 4) challenges children in all subject areas. Students are instructed in the core subject areas of math, reading, grammar, spelling, and social studies by their homeroom teachers while specialty teachers teach music, computers, science, French, and physical education. Upon graduation from the Primary Division, students enter Grade 5 at the Main Campus.

In the Intermediate Division (Grades 5-8), students continue to benefit from the advanced Mentor curriculum. In Grade 5, students are introduced to rotary classes - where they "rotate" to the classrooms of subject-area specialists for instruction. Rotary classes, along with continuing to develop independent study skills, help prepare students for high school.

Students in the High School Division (Grades 9-12) benefit from our full-year (non-semestered) programming. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses taught at the academic, university-stream level. Preparation for university is the primary focus of the High School Division.

The Mentor curriculum exceeds the expectations outlined by the Ministry of Education. Our Outdoor Education Centre (OEC) in Muskoka is an example of how students extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Ultimately, the Mentor programme allows children to experience the joys of learning as they develop into confident learners.

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