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Admission to the Intermediate Division (Grades 5-8)

The Mentor College Intermediate Division accepts students entering Grades 5-8. Steps in the entrance process can be adapted to suit individual needs.

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Admissions Process in stages
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Admission to the Intermediate Division (Grades 5-8)

Open House/School Tour

We recommend that families considering the Mentor College Intermediate Division begin with a tour of our school. Tours are offered during our open house events or can be arranged to take place during the school day. The tour highlights the academic environment, extracurricular opportunities, and facilities of Mentor College.  It will also provide you with the opportunity to view the warm, positive interactions between staff and students, as well as give you a snapshot of a day in the life of Mentor College.  

Report Card, Confidential School Report, and Assessment Fee

Prior to the assessment, we request that parents submit two copies of their child’s most recent report card, the information sheet from the assessment package, and the Confidential School Report from their child’s current school in a sealed envelope. There is a $100.00 assessment fee.


The next step for prospective students is to write the entrance assessment. The entrance assessment is designed to give us insight into your child’s knowledge, thought process, and written communication skills. The assessment consists of three main sections: reading, writing, and mathematics. As it is based on the child’s current year’s grade level expectations, additional studying or preparation is not required.   

The assessment can be written during our January, April, and June open houses, or, if these dates are not convenient, we offer several additional dates throughout the year.  Alternate test dates also coincide with P.D. days of the local school boards.  

The assessment typically takes 90 minutes for students in Grades 5 and 6 and 120 minutes for students in Grades 7 and 8.  These times are approximate and students may require more or less time.  

Follow-up Meeting

Once the assessment has been completed, we ask you to make an appointment to meet with the Intermediate Division principal or vice principal.  This meeting is a joint discussion, one in which we will discuss your child’s assessment results, and invite you to share insight into their child’s interests and personality. It is our intention that we both leave this meeting with a better understanding of your child.  If we have received of all necessary documentation (eg. report cards and confidential school report), successful applicants will then be provided with a registration form for the upcoming school year.

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